About Freedom Of Speech!

Freedom Of Speech! (FOS!) was founded in 2018 as an alternative to “Big Tech” companies that censor people whose opinions don’t agree with their narratives. These companies freely censor anyone they like due to the protection they receive from Section 230 that was enacted as part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA), which itself amended the Communications Act of 1934.

Section 230 is a provision of federal law that gives internet web hosts and users immunity from legal liability for online information posted by third parties (i.e. You and me). Additionally, this law protects “Big Tech” from liability for “voluntarily and in good faith” editing or restricting access (a.k.a. censoring you and me) to anything they determine to be objectionable even if it is constitutionally protected. “Big Tech” companies are protected against criminal sanctions, civil judgments, and injunctions by Section 230 despite the fact that they are acting in bad faith by unconstitutionally censoring people.

The solution to this unconstitutional censorship was created by a disabled veteran who proudly served his country and suffered severe injuries as a result of that service. This solution is called Freedom Of Speech!  and gives its members the freedom to say what they wish as long as it is protected speech under the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill Of Rights. This God-given right applies to all members, no matter which part of the world they live in.

FOS! relies on its members for support and does not allow ads or tracking of its members.

FOS!  takes its members’ privacy very seriously. We will not sell your information. This includes the blocking of web crawlers such as Google’s spiders to prevent access to members’ information. Additionally, we will not share your information with anyone unless legally bound to do so by a U.S. court of law.

FOS! uses Progressive Web App technology instead of placing apps in Google or Apple app stores. This prevents Google and Apple from dictating what can and cannot be posted on your account. Our website shows you how to add FOS! as an app to Apple devices and a popup notice will help you install it on Google-based products as well as on your pc.

This site does not use algorithms or other forms of artificial intelligence to monitor its members. Instead, members will be responsible for monitoring themselves and reporting suspected illegal activities.

Many of the benefits of this site are available only to the members. It is free to become a member to enjoy the plethora of benefits not available to non-members.

Since FOS! does not use ads nor sell products to support the site, we have a  fund-raising campaign on GiveSendGo if anyone would like to help support our efforts by donating any amount.

Freedom Of Speech!